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CRM Automation

Never miss another website inquiry, phone call or ad response.


Automate Your Business For When You Just Can't Get To The Phone Right Away

What Is CRM Automation

If you run a business that is sometimes just too hectic, but you can’t yet afford to have someone dedicated to answer all your inquiries, then automation could be just what you need.

Automation is simply using online “tools” to do the behind-the-scenes things that business owners rarely have time for.

Things like:

  • Sending a text right back to a caller, when you couldn’t get to the phone, to let them know either you’ll call them back or you could ask them a question like “how can I help?” etc.
  • Installing a chat bot on your website to engage with a visitor to ask them if they need help with anything, and maybe guide them through a process of intuitive questions and answers.
  • Replying to  someone who has responded to an ad. With a series of automated emails and text messages, you can schedule a meeting and/or weed out the tire kickers, without directly speaking with them.
  • Request Google Reviews from past clients to help boost your website’s Google rankings.
  • Add Google My Business (Now Google Business Profile) messaging so that customers can call you directly from your page.

These five simple instances are just examples of how you can very easily save time and prevent lost revenue.

Which Program Is Right For You Today?

  • The Standard Package is simply a must-have for any business owner who is running around trying to do everything and could really do with “someone” to get to the phone.
  • The Professional Package is for the business owner who has a customer base and wants to keep in touch with them to keep his business top of mind.
  • The Premium Package is for business owners who are serious about taking the bull by the horns to grow the business.

As you can see, automation offers a ton of solutions and, to be quite honest, a lot is totally unnecessary for most small businesses.

Our most popular solution for small to medium sized businesses is the Professional. This is because it’s designed to help businesses from where they are at day one.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

If you have a customer base right now, with the Professional package, you will be able to:

  • Nurture those customers with a view getting them to use you again,
  • Maybe upsell them,
  • Request a Google review from them
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Let them know about Special Offers.

In the Professional package, your existing customers are referred to as “Opportunities”.

It’s a well-regarded thought that it’s much easier to sell to someone who has bought from you in the past than it is to find a new customer.

Our Service

Here at Option10, we take the time to understand your business’ aims & objectives, define your target audience and research what your competitors are doing. This allows us to put together a bespoke SEO strategy which is designed to ensure your business is visible and noticeable online. Our team of experts have years’ of experience which has meant our clients have seen massive increases in their overall sales whilst significantly improving their google search position. However, it just doesn’t stop there! Rather than offer a “one type fits all” solution, we create a solution, specifically tailored to your needs which is designed to increase your website traffic and in turn, increase your conversions.